Friday, March 16, 2012

Streams from a different wavelength

Wyatt and Lili working to finish up a nutrient
slug with Jim doing some community outreach.
Photo Credit: Christa Feucht and Martin Gasser  
During our winter sampling a few weeks back Wyatt, Lili, and myself were working on one of our warm streams near the town of Hveragerði. This stream is in sight of a popular hiking trail, and more times than not we find ourselves explaining who we are and what we are doing to at least one curious passerby, be it a local resident out for an afternoon walk or a tourist from  afar exploring the geothermal features in the area. On this day, our obligatory inquiring minds were, themselves, scientists with Iceland Geosurvey, Ísor. They happened to be sporting a fancy infrared camera and kindly offered to snap a few photos of us sampling and the surrounding area.  The photos are pretty psychedelic and display the variability in geothermal heating across the landscape.
Looking down over the stream
and surrounding landscape.
Photo Credit: Christa Feucht and Martin Gasser

Thanks Christa and Martin.  We are looking forward to coffee next time we are in the area.