Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hengill has gotten a lot of snow recently. So, for our December sampling we got help accessing our streams from the Hveragerði Rescue Squad. Most Icelandic towns have Rescue Squads. These are all volunteer organizations which help people lost, hurt, or stranded at sea, on land, and on top of glaciers. In their off time, they generously help us get to our field sites. The Hveragerði Rescue Squad has a truck with very wide tires. When the tires are slightly deflated the truck "floats" on the snow like its wearing snowshoes.

Last week we ran into some problems trying to drive into Hengill. While driving across a field we ran into a snow covered trench. The truck's front tires were hopelessly stuck. We had to call some people from the Selfoss Rescue Squad to pull the truck out.

The snow is just to deep for trucks. We'll have to ski or hike into our sites until the snow melts. Hopefully that will happen before May.

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