Thursday, February 7, 2013

Team Hengill Meeting in London!

In the middle of December, Jim Hood and I (Wyatt) traveled to London for a Hengill group meeting with collaborators from Iceland, England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, and the US.  The meeting was organized and run by Eoin O'Gormann and the Guy Woodward crew from Queen Mary University London. We had an excellent few days exchanging talks and ideas, and got to spend some quality time meeting new folks and building collaborative 'spirit' among members of the team. Although most of our time was at Queen Mary U, we did manage to enjoy a trip to 'Brick Lane' for some authentic curry, and a guided tour of Jack the Ripper's old haunts. We came back to the US even more energized and motivated to find ways (funding!) to keep our collaboration rolling.  Let's hope this meeting is one of many over the next few years.
A panoramic of the team discussing ideas for future collaborations

The London TUBE!
Jim Hood, a bit under the weather on the flight, but just
darn happy to have an iPhone to hang out with.

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