Friday, May 10, 2013

The sweet sulfurous stench of successful science!

Good news faithful followers! The coolers, channels, and piping are all in place. We've successfully plumbed all components together and have water flowing in the channels. The plan is to let the system run without tiles for 3-4 days to work out the kinks and and get the whole thing operation for our 8-week experiment by the middle of May.

PI's Cross and Benstead (in association with visiting professor Bob Hall from the University of Wyoming) steadfastly transporting the channels the kilometer (or so) out to our hot pots.

The coolers in place and plumbed into the heat exchange system. 

Assigning temperature treatments to channels in a randomized 3 block design.

Success! Water flowing in our channels for the first time!

Many thanks to undergraduate scholar Raquel (University of Barcelona) for coming out on this particularly damp afternoon to help assemble the final pieces. 

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