Monday, July 3, 2017

Update: 15N additions and channel experiment

I am back from Iceland, after an ultimately successful trip, despite weather that was often difficult and that postponed the start of our five-day 15N additions to the two cold and two warm streams. The shot above is of everyone sampling food web compartments in Stream 11 during the drip. The sun did come out every now and then! The channel experiment continues to go well too. Here's a shot of our REU student Heath Goertzen and MS student Lyndsie Collis collecting and processing tiles for the biomass accumulation time series. You can just make out the diversity of growth responses that are being driven by differences in temperature and nutrient concentrations. Some tiles are still effectively bare after six weeks, while a thick algal growth is threatening to overtop some channels. Maybe we'll see some interesting temperature-nutrient interactions. Time will tell.

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