Monday, February 27, 2012

The little heat exchanger that could

Things are looking a little precarious for the heat exchanger. Iceland's heaviest snowpack in almost thirty years has left 10-12 feet of snow towering all around the pool in Stream 8 where the exchanger sits. We're hoping it all melts in a laid-back fashion, but we're prepared in case it doesn't. Here's a shot of Alex Huryn standing at the edge of the pool. You can see the pipes and manifolds of the heat exchanger at the bottom of the photo.

Despite all the snow, the heat exchanger has been working like a champ. Here's a plot of the differences in temperature upstream and downstream of the heat exchanger outlet in Stream 7. The pre-manipulation anomaly has been normalized to zero. Based on winter differences between upstream and downstream, we have a warming of 2.7 degrees C. If it hadn't been for the hiccup last December (see earlier posts), we would have been close to a 3 degree increase.

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