Thursday, February 16, 2012

A welcome back and winter sampling

It has been a busy month of February up at Hengill. I arrived back in Reykjavik after an unplanned 3+ month hiatus to a warm welcome from friends at the
Translation: Little Jim
Veiðimálostofnun, my very own Veiði coffee mug! Now I am officially part of the family.

Properly caffeinated, I was quickly brought up to speed on winter sampling in Iceland after digging multiple snow pits in an unsuccessful search of pressure loggers from the
2+ meters of snow covering some of our streams.
Jim breaking in the new snow shovels

Luckily for us Jims we shortly would have a crew from the US to aid us in our search. After lots of sweat and PI "encouragement" from Alex, Jon, and Wyatt we liberated all the logger data, completed a good chunk of the winter quarterly sampling, and spent good times around a wood fire in the scout cabin we rented for the week.

The crew loaded up for a hard day's work at the crack of dawn, 9:30

Check out a few photo highlights in the album to the right, and keep posted for more highlights and pictures.

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