Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last surber sample and golden times

A year and around 1000 samples later, the final sample has been taken for secondary production estimates across the landscape temperature gradient streams. For me, this brings into sharp focus the quickly approaching end to my 15 months here. Bitter-sweet feelings. I can't wait to get some scope time and data, but there is still much work to do and Iceland to enjoy this summer.

Delor, Amanda, Ryan, and Dan in
front of Strokkur
Even with all the field and lab work we have been doing, we have been trying our best to get out and enjoy Iceland beyond Hengill (though even after a year, Hengill still never gets old). Many of us recently took a trip, along with our friends from the Welter Lab (their blog here), Delor and Bayley, around the "Golden Circle."

Below from left to right Ryan, Amanda, Delor, me (Jim J.), Dan, and Bayley in front of Gullfoss. The day also included Geysir (pictured on the right) and Þingvellir.  Always a great trip for us veterans, and a tip of the iceberg to some of the natural wonders Iceland has to offer.


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