Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 summer field crew arrives!

The remainder of the Montana and Alabama contingent has finally arrived in Reyk-town for the summer field season! Joining me this summer is Dan Nelson (now on his nth trip to Iceland), David Hernandez (undergrad REU scholar from the University of Alabama), and Ellie Zignego (undergrad REU scholar from Montana State University).  

Dan and David wasted no time in jury-rigging some black out curtains (duct taped trash bags) to catch some much needed z's after the long flight in from Alabama.  

Ellie and I have been keeping busy testing and learning to use our new metabolism chambers. Here's Ellie comparing our new metabolism chambers (lined up on the table) to the first generation chambers used on the natural streams in Hengill (the one she's holding).  

A close up shot of the metabolism chambers (lovingly handcrafted by Dr. Alex Huryn). Ellie and I will be using these this summer to measure metabolism on tiles in the experimental channels.  

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