Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh ya, you betcha!

The Minnesota contingent has come to Reyk-town for the 2013 summer field season! This past Sunday Dr. Jill Welter and two undergraduates arrived from St. Kate's University (St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota) ready for some exciting N-fixing research at Hengill. Sorry, I've no photos yet, but I assure you they're hard at work unpacking their 14 cases of equipment (that's right, 14, these folks don't mess around). Please see Jill's blog (Fixation on Ice) for the latest news and some photos of their arrival (found here).

In other news, the experimental channels turn 4 weeks old, and we're about to begin our first sample event. We wanted to start today, but zero visibility fog and gusting winds at over 16 m/s forced us to delay until tomorrow.  

Tiles from the 5 temperature treatments in all of their glory (taken June 13th). We're pretty excited that even at this early stage we can see visual treatment differences in algal growth!