Monday, May 11, 2015

Channel experiment equipment in transport

Alex keeps remarking in wonder about how many different moves some of our equipment have made to ultimately become part of our channel experiment. Take our two inch tubing, it transports water from way up the header stream to the heat exchangers. We now have 1600 feet of this stuff, totaling about 800 lbs. Half of this stuff came from the manufacturer to Bozeman, MT and then was transported to Iceland as baggage in November 2014.

This tubing was transported into the Veidi, then moved outside the Veidi, then moved inside the Veidi, then moved outside...  Here's Alex and Philip inspecting all of our supplies.

The other 1/2 of the tubing was used in the original channel experiment. It was transported back from the field, stored at the Veidi for 2 years, and is now being transported back to the field. Here's Tanner hauling the tubing back to the Veidi in 2013.

Anyway, we have a super jeep booked for tomorrow and we have piled up everything we need to transport out to the site. Here it is in all its glory: 1600 feet of 2" tubing, 5 coolers, 4 heat exchangers, 3 spiril heat exchangers, Philip's nutrient drip system, > 200 lbs of tiles, and all sorts of other random stuff.

Hopefully, by tomorrow evening we'll have most of this stuff up at the site.

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