Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Channel equipment arrives on site...mostly

Today, we hired Arni from Extreme Iceland to use his companies' super jeep to ferry our equipment up the river to the point closest to the site of the channel location, which is about a half-mile from the river. Arni was great! When we arrived, he had already loaded the first load of our gear into the super jeep. Here's some photos of Arni, his super jeep in action, and the channel installation team:

When we got to the snow drifts by the river, which previously blocked our passage, we discovered that the power company had plowed the drifts early in the morning or yesterday. We can now officially drive up the river!

After that first trip, I followed the super jeep up the river in the Veidi's grey truck. Moving all of the gear up the river took 3 trips in the super jeep and 2 in the grey truck. We have a lot of stuff, but it is a little closer to the site of the channel experiment.

Next, we started the arduous task of hauling all of the gear to the channel experiment site. We ferried over all of the equipment Philip needed to get started: some 2-inch tubing, the heat exchangers, a couple action packers, and some miscellaneous tubing.

After that, we divided and concerned. Philip worked on the heat exchangers:

Alex spent the rest of the afternoon ferrying 2-inch white tubing. Each roll is 50-lbs. Alex is unstoppable.

Tanner and I spent the rest of the day clearing snow from feeder stream. We have about 13 meters to go...

Here's us at the end of the day. It was a tough one, but we've surmounted most of the hurdles we encountered last week and have moved about half of the equipment to the channel experiment site.

p.s., In case you are wondering, it looks like we now have plenty of heat for our experiments. Jim's Hole (our metal reinforced heating tank) is 53.6˚C and the hot pot is 43.6˚C.


  1. yarby team!! amazing work!

  2. that was from wyatt.
    Zabe says: Tell Alex he's my hero.

  3. tell Alex to put on some sunscreen!!!