Friday, June 19, 2015

15N isotope releases completed successfully (woot woot!)

As previous posts have made clear, it was a slow and difficult start to the summer because of the weather, as well as problems getting the stream-side channels set up. The channels are now looking great but it all compounded to push the start of the planned 15N releases back by a few days. When we were finally ready, the weather did not look good. Finally, it looked like the rain might clear up, so we took the plunge - and it stayed dry for the entire 5-day period! Phew. The four simultaneous drips into streams 6, 9, 11 Upper and 18 and all the sampling went off without a hitch and the team just completed the first post-drip sampling. We're really excited to see where the 15N has ended up and where it will go over the summer. Watch this space.

Here are the pumps in the four streams, going from coldest (~5C) to warmest (~13C).

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