Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming together. . .

It's been quite a busy week since the last post, and things are starting to look up. We've managed to successfully deliver water from the source stream to the heat exchangers, into header tanks, and onto our 30 experimental channels. We've also set up the nutrient dripping apparatus that will deliver micro-amounts of nitrogen to the channels. If all goes according to plan, we will have 5 temperature treatments, each with 6 levels of nitrogen enrichment - allowing us to produce fancy 'response surfaces' that characterize true interactions between temperature and nitrogen.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Jim Hood deserves some serious cred here for his tireless work to get this beast up and running.
A view of the heat exchanger battleships near the warmish pond

Water of varying temperatures heading toward the header tanks

Jon Benstead and Jim Hood lowering the ultra-heat exchanger into the hot pot

The beginning of experimental channel assembly
The nutrient dripping apparatus

Stay tuned for more news. . . . . and introductions from the rest of the team that just arrived!!!

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