Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MSU Field Crew Arrives

The MSU crew (Nate, Lila and Kate) arrived in Iceland today after ~24h door to door travel time! Since the Veidi is kind enough to let us store equipment there during the year, we got off pretty light on lab packing this summer:

Scale, for scale

Nate and Lila made good use of a 6 hour layover in their own respective ways...

Not pictured: running through JFK for our very last connection of the day. But once we got on the plane, there was a neat view of the midnight sun somewhere around Greenland:

We'll blame poor photo quality on sleep deprivation...

Once we landed in Reykjavik we met up with St. Kate's tech/lab manager Delor at the airport, then took a bus to Hafnarfjörður, the neighborhood we'll be living in this year. The weather's about 45F with 30mph wind gusts, so we all hunkered down to wait for our ride to the house.

Just your average Hafnarfjörður science hobos
The plan is to spend tomorrow prepping gear at the Veidi, then head out to Hengill on Thursday to do some landscape sampling!

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