Thursday, May 26, 2016

Breaking in the Boots

Before any of the field work could begin, Lyndsie was kind enough to introduce Nate and I (all three of us new to Hengill this summer) to the fantastic pylsur.
Hot dog, they're good! Perfect for lunch, dinner, and breakfast!
Also before any field work could begin, we had to hike in about 40 minutes from the car because the river was too high to drive across, thanks to the previous night's storm.
Saw that one coming.
Unfortunately on Monday, Lyndsie discovered that the pipes she is using to transport stream water for temperature treatments burst in multiple spots, so new couplers needed to be added in order to regain water flow.
Ecologist or handywoman? Both!
We were nervous about the repairs because the PVC cement had become clumpy, which apparently means you're not supposed to use it. Did we still use it?
If there's a will, there's a way!
The black pipe's glue held and successfully gave us this picture (along with water flow), and we will soon see about the success of the broken white pipe! In the meantime, Nate is going to hide from the cold spring weather in this snow bank.
It's going to be cold all summer, so we might not see him again.

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