Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Many Faces of Hengill

Sometimes we joke about the image of Hengill our friends and family may have. It's a beautiful place, and we all take lots of pictures...most of them on days when we don't worry about our cameras getting wet and when we don't mind staying out a bit longer.

Monday was one of those beautiful days that we definitely don't expect in May!

We took advantage of it for a leisurely day of percent cover measurements.

Lila even got a bit of a sunburn:

Take a selfie on someone else's camera, it's going to get posted!

Tuesday, however, was more typical of a Hengill in May. Consistent rain and 30mph gusts had us in git 'er done mode.

Isn't there a mountain around here somewhere?

Waterproof cameras come in handy...

Hey guys, we can head back to the lab now!

As you can imagine, attitude is everything. Cold, wet, windy days just make us appreciate the nice days and the great coffee waiting for us back at the Veidi lab.

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